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Product Description and Details

Carpet Blower

  • Delivers airflow at floor level, up walls, or up stairways
  • Rated airflow: 2,700 CFM
  • Underside drying vent for drying under the airmover
  • Ideal for restoration jobs

Circulating Air Moving Fan

  • Ideal for structural drying, carpet cleaning, ventilation and more
  • Six position versatility for handling a wide range of applications
  • Dry structures fast with 1800 actual CFM
  • The most CFM per circuit of any airmover on the market

Extraction Fan

  • Ventilate, create negative pressure, or propel dry air in open areas
  • Will ventilate confined spaces through up to 125 feet of ducting
  • Max Rated CFM: 2,041
  • Static Pressure: 3.2 inches (8.1 centimeters)

Dri-Pod Floor Dryer

  • Ideal for drying carpets and hard surfaces fast
  • High velocity airflow enhances evaporation
  • Unique design directs air uniformly across floor in 360°
  • Air Movement: 750 CFM