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Hotty Potty™


The Hotty Potty™ is an exclusive unit only available at S&S Supply/Crosstown Rentals.

The Hotty Potty™ is a mini self-contained toilet that is changing where you do your business. It complies with health and safety standards in terms of hygiene and allows users to wash their hands with warm running water. This unit contains a flushable toilet, interior and exterior lighting, a ventilating fan, adjustable thermostat heater, and much more. It is designed to uphold against Newfoundland & Labrador climates with the ability to maintain the interior temperature at 20°C when the outside temperature is -45°C. This is the unit that will revolutionize your jobsite, event or activity.

Height: 98" Circulating fan CFM: 100
Width: 60.5" Exhaust fan CFM: 50
Depth: 48" Heating Coil: 2,000 W
Dry weight: 1,760 lbs Power Source: 110/120V or 220/240V
Full weight: up to 2,300 lbs Estimated Uses: 120
Water tank capacty: 45 gallons Waste tank capacty: 65 gallons

*The specifications listed above are based on the Hotty Potty™ model as shown in the image. Other model specifications may vary.
Standard Features Include:
  • Maintains indoor temperature at 20°C when outdoor temperature is -45°C
  • Flushable toilet
  • Stainless steel sink, wastebin & cabinet
  • Stainless steel dispenser for paper towels, toilet paper and soap
  • Seperate fresh water tank & waste holding tank
  • Self-regulating, forced-air, heating coil
  • Circulating fan & odour exhaust fan
  • Hot-dip galvanized structure with lifting hooks
  • Hard exterior cladding
  • Lockable door from interior and exterior
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Forklift fork lifting holes
  • OPTIONAL: Travel trailer with stairs and hand rails

  • *The features listed above are based on the Hotty Potty™ model as shown in the image. Other model features may vary.
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    *The images shown above are of the Hotty Potty™ model. Some model appearances may vary.